Open Source Comes to Campus Curriculum

This page contains links to all of the curricula used at Open Source Comes to Campus events. Its main use is as a source for event planners to browse, compare, and select activities for their workshops. Overwhelmed by the options or not sure how these activities fit together? Check out the sample schedules.

(You might also find this example event schedule useful.)

Many activities have multiple versions, usually self-guided or presenter-led. Some activities are specifically designed for small mentored groups, and those are marked as such in the notes, but many activities can be adapted to small groups.

To add new activites, please leave a comment in the issue tracker, contact and/or submit your changes as a pull request.


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Activity Category

  • Introduction and Setup
  • Communication
  • Version Control
  • Contributions Workshop
  • Community
  • Misc

Sample Schedules

  • Standard Full-Day
  • Self-guided Full-Day
  • Short Event
  • Follow-up/Advanced Event